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Our business is to give you peace of mind

Estefa is a business development company specialised in improving management for businesses and institutions. The company mainly focusses on growing small and medium businesses providing private or corporate services. It offers a range of services to help its clients achieve better results with limited resources. These services include:

- Mapping management processes, and improving business structures;
- Building customized technical solutions;
- Developing financial, communication, and human resource systems;
- Preparing high quality business plans and communication plans;
- Improving efficiency, using templates and better allocation of manpower.

Estefa has a strong international network of relations, including non-governmental institutions and government representations, multinational and small business clients and suppliers. This gives the company a cutting edge in understanding the range of existing modern solutions, and their application in various cultural and procedural setting and in different professional realms.

Besides the direct business development services, Estefa provides a range of complimentary services such as workshops and tailored training sessions designed to support small and medium business owners.

The company aims at making itself dispensable, and increases financial efficiency to prove to its worth to its clients.
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